Albania – University of New York Tirana


The University of New York Tirana (UNYT) is a private university operating in Albania since 2002. Correlating academic and administrative decision-making bodies, the governing structure of UNYT is composed of the Board of Shareholders, the Senate, the Faculties’ Councils, the Council of Professors and of the leading persons (the Rector, Deputy Rector, Faculty Deans, Department Chairs, Research Centre Directors, etc.). The university is primarily funded by student tuition fees, however, its research output and the research output of its researchers have been co-funded by national (e.g. the Albanian Agency of Research, Technology and Innovation, or the Ministry of Culture) or international funding instruments (e.g. INTERREG, IPA Adriatica). The Centre for Social Studies under whose auspices this programme is undertaken was established in 2011-2012 to coordinate and facilitate cooperation with other partners at a national and international level. The Centre focuses on the social and economic impact migration, education, gender and inequality, labour market, agriculture, tourism and cultural heritage management, the uses of the past in modern identity constructs and identity issues and its researchers are regularly publishing policy papers and research papers in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences and participating in externally funded research projects.  University of Pristina (UP) is established in 1970. It is the largest and only public university in Kosovo. Have 17 academic units. In 2001 has adopted the study model according Bologna agreement and twice, in the years 2010 and 2013 has signed the accreditation process. The principal governing body of the university is the Steering Council and Senate followed by Faculties’ Councils and the leading persons, Rector, Vice-rectors, Deans and Heads’ of Departments. The main founding comes from the state, than from student tuition fees and from research outputs. Research, due to limited founds in the last two decades is accomplished mainly on individual basis and teamwork within departments. Despite this, academic staff has managed to conduct research projects by national funding  (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, etc.) and international founding (CEPPUS, WUS, TEMPUS, etc.) and publish their results is international conferences and journals. In way to raise the quality of research, the UP established the Unit for Scientific Research Support and recently started establishing of research institutes within the departments. The Faculty of Economy, Department of Geography, Faculty of Sciences and the Institute for Social Studies and Humanities, Faculty of Philosophy have made studies related migration: internal and external migrants, reasons and motivations, adoption and integration, remittances and innovations. The research on migration has raised the awareness of the government resulting in adaption of better migration policies. The consortium was established by Dr Erka Caro a migration expert, and Dr. Mimoza Dushi, expert on population issues who have been colleagues first during their master studies in the Netherlands and later as guest researchers at the University of Leuven, Belgium and have further collaborated in terms of research, publications and participation in conferences helping in interlinking Albania and Kosovo in terms of research and academic networks. This project is their latest attempt to bring this collaboration further.



1 – Erka Çaro (Principle Investigator)

2 – Armela Xhaho (PhD Research Fellow)