Mentoring Institution


Finland – University of Jyväskylä


The University of Jyväskylä (JYU) is a state-funded research university with about 15,000 students, focusing on human and natural sciences. It was founded in 1863 as a teaching seminary, but has expanded to a full range of research and teaching programs.  JYU is organized into faculties, and this project will be within the Faculty of Social Sciences.  The Faculty is divided into departments, and within the Faculty this project will be located in the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy.  The JYU Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy is known for its cooperative nature and aim to cross the boundaries between disciplines. With more than 40 academic staff, organized into the disciplines of Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Social Policy, Social Work and Gender Studies, the Department staff includes experts in migration policy, industrial relations, education policy, family studies, and work-life balance, among many other areas.The JyU department of Social Sciences and Philosophy is host to the European Research Consortium funded project “Transnational Work and the Evolution of Sovereignty” (TWES #263782), focusing on the regulation of European Union. This project provides an excellent infrastructure and scholarly community interested in migration and labour market issues. The TWES project team has conducted field work on migration and labour issues in Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, the UK, and Estonia, and is now expanding with an Academy of Finland research grant to conduct field work on Albania-Italy migration.  We therefore have excellent infrastructure and experience with conducting this kind of research, and a strong interest in developing enduring contacts with NYU-Tirana and the University of Pristina.  We will seek not only to develop research contacts during the period of this grant, but also student and teaching exchanges; we have already begun negotiations for recruitment and supervision of a jointly supervised PhD student connected with this project.Within the TWES project, we have an international team of researchers who consult with and support Erka Caro and Mimoza Dushi in their work.  Ines Wagner is a senior grad student at JyU guest researcher at the Hans Boeckler Foundation in Germany, and can provide advice and contacts with that part of the work.   Markku Sippola, Kairit Kall and Laura Mankki have been conducting biographical interviews along the same model with Estonians in Finland and will assist and advise Caro and Dushi in the implementation of the method.  Sonila Danaj is a graduate student who has been conducting industrial relations research in the UK, and will assist and advise on industrial relations aspects of the project, and in analyzing Albanian industrial relations institutions.


The TWES team has had over a dozen research publications on labour migration issues accepted into international journals and edited volumes in 2013-2014, including articles in the British Journal of Industrial Relations, European Journal of Social Theory, Journal of Common Market Studies, and Economic and Industrial Democracy. There are a large number of articles and book chapters in process. The senior team members also have established publication records in the industrial relations and migration area.



 Research Team

1- Nathan Lillie (Project Coordinator)

2- Markku Sippola (Senior Researcher)

3- Sonila Danaj (Junior Researcher)

4- Laura Mankki (Junior Researcher)

5- Ines Wagner (Junior Researcher)