Research Team

Erka Ҫaro

Dr. Erka Ҫaro completed her PhD in 2011 in Demography from the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen, Netherlands, and has since then worked as a post-doc on the TWES project. Actually she is working on the IC-1 project and is coordinating the Albania – Italy case. Her PhD field work was in Albania; she has also been a frequent visitor to Greece for work related purposes.  She has a very strong publication record for an early career researcher, with a sole-authored articles in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and Regional Insights, co-authored article in Gender, Place and Culture, Population Place and Space and is an expert in the ‘grounded theory’ approach this project relies on.

Mimoza Dushi

Dr. Mimoza Dushi completed her PhD in 2009 in Demography from the Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Sciences at the University of Pristina, Kosovo. Her doctoral thesis was an empirical research in the field of fertility and gender studies in Kosovo. Actually she is working at RRPP project about migration and coordinating the Kosovo – Germany and Switzerland cases. Related to this, she is currently is in the Institute of Education, University of Innsbruck, Austria for postdoctoral research. From 1996 she is working at University of Pristina, Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Sciences, Department of Geography, initially as assistant for social geography courses than from 2009 as professor assistant for courses of Demography, Migration and Population policy. Most of her articles are sole-authored, which she presented in the national and international conferences and published in scientific journals, such as Studime (by ASHAK), Romanian Journal on Population Studies and Environment and Ecology in the Mediterranean Region.

Armela Xhaho

Armela Xhaho completed her MA in 2011 in Gender Studies at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology University of New York Tirana and  SUNY/ESC, New York, USA. Actually she is part of working  group at ICM  project as Research  Fellow and coordinating the field work and research. She has worked as Lecturer of Psychology courses at Department of Psychology in private university in Albania. Beside her participation in many national and international conferences her interdisciplinary research activities include assistance in many scientific research programs, project coordination and fundraising, peer education/trainings and gender related activities. Some of her articles are published in scientific journals such as Social Studies Journal, Gender Question Journal, International Relations and Diplomacy Journal.